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Depending on the method that you decide, making use of routine preparation may differ.

Depending on the method that you decide, making use of routine preparation may differ.

For cis men with sex with dudes, to start out:

  • Bring 2 drugs (dual amount) at the very least couple of hours before sex, subsequently
  • Just take 1 product every a day following two fold amount

After that to get rid of, after their last hook-up:

  • Need 1 product daily for just two weeks

For everyone more including trans those who hook-up together with other guys, to start:

  • Just take 1 pill daily for a full 1 week before gender

Subsequently to avoid, after the last hook-up:

  • Just take 1 product daily for 28 time

Where and how can I access preparation?

Access PrEP through Australian Health Care Program

If you should be an Australian homeowner with a present Medicare credit you can access preparation through the PBS at a subsidised price. Meaning any doctor or doctor can create a software for preparation which you are able to try any pharmacy for dispensing (range) or look at the a€?PrEP Access todaya€™ website for other affordable alternatives. Know you may need to purchase your own doctora€™s go to if ita€™s not a bulk billing provider.

Access PrEP through individual importation

If you aren’t in a position to access preparation through Medicare, an alternative choice is always to buying an universal type of the drug from a trusted international provider. You still call for a script from a physician before purchasing on the web. Discover multiple manufacturers whom export preparation into Australia at a variety of costs. Visit the a€?PrEP Access todaya€™ website to find out more. You can purchase a few months of PrEP at one time to save lots of on transport bills, and make certain getting a review of various web pages to have a great cost. There are lots of different drugs that you can get using the internet, thus make sure that the drugs you purchase is the identical one that is on your own script that medical practitioner have authored individually.

Just how much does PrEP price through PBS?

You aren’t a Medicare cards and a program from their doctor must create a PBS co-payment from the pharmacy when collecting their own preparation, the exact same regarding different drugs accessed through the PBS. dil mil free trial The utmost price per script improved from $40.30 to $41.00, while for concession holders, the cost increasing from $6.50 to $6.60 per software.

More often Questioned Questions about Preparation

Best ways to select a physician who is going to recommend preparation?

Any doctor are now able to recommend preparation. Selecting a physician, it is necessary you see someone who you feel safe discussing your own intimate record with since this is necessary for the eligibility and ongoing testing if you take preparation.

In the event that youa€™re seeking a health care professional who can prescribe PrEP for your family or desire to communicate with anyone about preparation when you see your physician, you are able to contact the NSW sex wellness information Link on 1800 451 624.

Can anyone have Preparation?

PrEP is available for those who are at risk of acquiring HIV.

For gay and bisexual males the possibility standards can include creating condomless intercourse with somebody would youna€™t understand their particular HIV position, having a typical partner with HIV who’s not on medication, having a current STI inside arse instance gonorrhoea or chlamydia or if you from time to time celebration and enjoy.

There is instances when people may be given preparation without meeting these criteria, but this may require a conversation with a physician.

I will be thinking about using preparation, exactly what do i have to carry out?

If you’re thinking about beginning PrEP, it is important to see a physician or sexual wellness hospital. In your first session might go over your own eligibility for PrEP, total the mandatory tests for HIV and STIs, and check your renal purpose.

After you’ve done the mandatory testing, you are offered a script which you yourself can accumulate from a drugstore. Ita€™s vital that you remember that preparation is over just a pill; its a course which needs standard medical practitioner visits and HIV and STI tests every 3 months. You will intend to make a follow-up appointment within one month for the next HIV test. After that, you will need a consultation every 90 days keeping getting the approved.

I dona€™t posses Medicare, what does that mean for me?

If you dona€™t get access to Medicare, as you will not be entitled to get subsidised PrEP via the PBS, you can look at private importation that can easily be an easily affordable option. Numerous overseas importation solutions offer generic preparation at a price similar to subsidised preparation through PBS. You are going to however wanted a script from an Australian doctor and there are a price associated with your consultation or necessary screening. To access preparation via private importation, we advice visiting the PrEPAccessNow site pan.org.au.

What if I want to import preparation my self?

If you wish to access preparation now, you will discover additional by using the information within the preparation Access choice site or alternatively you could contact the NSW intimate fitness tips connect on 1800 451 624.

Understand Facts about PrEP

You may have a lot of questions regarding preparation, these factsheets for the following languages below solution some of the most conventional ones requested:

If you would like to dicuss to anybody in your code, contact the Translating and Interpreting provider (TIS) on 131 450 to ask for an interpreter immediately after which ask them to name the NSW sex Health Infolink on 1800 451 624.

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